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Emergency Services Network - About

Mission Statement: 
To strengthen the delivery of emergency services to meet basic needs for individuals and families in Kenosha County through coordinated planning, collaborative strategies, and public advocacy.

The Emergency Services Network has served Kenosha County residents since 1986 as a collaborative, community-based effort to coordinate services, share information, attract increased funding, and eliminate duplication and gaps in services for low income individuals and families.

Membership in the Emergency Services Network is open to all entities in the private, public and nonprofit sectors that provide services intended to prevent, ameliorate or end poverty for individuals and families in Kenosha County.

If you are a service provider serving Kenosha County residents and would like more information on becoming a member of ESN, please contact:

Kenosha Human Development Services
3536 52nd Street
Kenosha, WI

ESN Governing Documents

- Principles and Operating Procedures

- Membership Invitation

- Membership Application

- Memorandum of Understanding

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